Being part of a competitive dance team can be a great opportunity for your dancer to learn the skill of PERFORMING at a higher level in front of an exciting audience.

You will gain ARTISTRY and CREATIVITY through classical and contemporary dance styles.

The Performance Team participates in various dance competitions/eisteddfods, corporate events and charity events.

Each performance builds confidence, performance skills, stage presence and a determination to succeed.


You will receive FEEDBACK from dance professionals (judges) that can help you to EXCEL and IMPROVE.
You will grow a stronger sense of TEAMWORK and connect with other dancers through additional COMMUNITY EVENTS.
Competitive dance will increase your SELF CONFIDENCE and give you tangible GOALS to measure your growth.

Our Competitive Dance Team focuses on HEALTHY competitive habits, encouragement, love and Support! 


Does your DANCER live and breathe dance? 

Is your DANCER is ready to take it to the NEXT LEVEL… Let us know!

We can assess your dancer and advise if they are ready for our PERFORMANCE DANCE TEAMS!